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Kingdom Focused Certified Health & Life Coach / Author / Creative Communicator


 Debra Figuero is a God-fearing woman that has a passion for helping others become a greater version of themselves. Coming from a victim mind-set she knew there had to be more in life than what her natural eyes seen or what she had yet to experience.  Debra didn't see all her options for years, but when she started to shift her mind-set she learned to see life from a different perspective. She eventually learned to find the good and to be thankful for the things she was able to see and the things she could not yet see! The bible says faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

    When she started to change her mind-set then her life started to change. Debra desires for others to flourish with an abundancy mind-set in their lives and to choose to learn from their past and see the many choices that they have for their future. She want to bless others in the process of embracing her past, acknowledging her growth in her current journey, and securing her future destiny by taking the risks to walk in faith. This is the legacy that she want to leave for her children and grandchildren. So, they will no longer lack but live in ABUNDANCY!

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